Hello everyone! =D

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Hello everyone! =D Empty Hello everyone! =D

Post  FerrariBoy on Fri Mar 16, 2012 11:32 am

Name's Amit
IGN: FerrariBoy (also kinda obvious if you look at the sig Tongue)
Age:15 and something.
I remembered 3 days ago of ms, after about 3 months without it... (last time I played was GMS).
Last time I played a PS was over 9,000 ~times~ ago.
Yea, 9gag. Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy
Anyways... It was ActinoStory and I stopped playing because it was shut-down... THE BEST PS I HAVE EVER PLAYED~~~~ So I decided to check-out the forums to see what's up with everyone and I saw Kedar's (Pixel, your site admin?) comment about this server and well HERE I AM ~~~~
Yes, I'm using my old siggys made by some old friends Smile
Happy to meet y'all~~~
Like you can see I use ~~ as !! JUST BECAUSE I CAN <3<3

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